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  • XXY Alignment Stage - Mechanical Functioning Theorem
  • Central / Slide Transmission-Standard type - Hi-Rigidity type-Driven/Drive module
  • Light-weight and Extra-thin-It creates the wing-free thin & lighter mechanism by applying the XYθ module.
  • Hollow structure-It can be used for the optical inspection devices or conduction tester.
  • All products are Cryogenic Treatment. It can not only significantly upgrade the toughness and operation lifetime but also improve the dimension stability of materials.
  • 3D CMM- Ensure the quality and precision of the stage.

Name Type Stroke [mm] Last PDF 2D 3D Datenblatt
GAU11-CCS XXY ±10x±10 2200N pdf/GAU11-CCS.pdf 2D/GAU11-CCS.zip 3D/GAU11-CCS.zip Datenblatt/GAU11-CCS.pdf
GAU11-CCD XXY ±10x±10 2200N pdf/GAU11-CCD.pdf 2D/GAU11-CCD.zip 3D/GAU11-CCD.zip Datenblatt/GAU11-CCD.pdf